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random tales of adventure

I'm not very wordy, I don't talk when I don't need to talk, Yesirrree, the only time I talked so much during a talking contest, and the prize was a new tire (my old tire went and implodes, yes imploded, not your ordinary flat, but an implosion) and i've had my eye on that tire, yes on it, in winter i got dared to stick my eye to the rim of the wheel, and ended up staying there for three months until the ice melted. did I ever tell you about the time I got my hand stuck in a toaster? yes a toaster, well it started when my toast got stuck inside the toaster, then I tried using a fork, then I got shocked, not fun. then I used a large hammer to the toaster, but the toast got stuck even more, now then, I finally decided to stick my hands into the toaster, but not after hours of decision, which included several blindfolded knife throwings, paddlings, and the occasional can of lima beans. in the end, my hands were free, when I jammed another toaster inside it (I don't even know what happened, must be divine intervention I'll say, just like that time I walked on water, yes, it was mid-december, now divine forces must've been working through this guy I met, cause he said: "go onto the lake, the water has become solid" and I did, and danced at my accomplishment, for the dancing had weakened the Ice sooooooo much, that I fell into the ice with a "plooosh" but, that's a tale for another book, author, day, week, month, year, decade, century, millenia, etc). end of story.

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